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(It's getting hard to remember which town I'm in.)

The journey was two hours on a full TGV (all seats full, no-one standing as TGV tickets include the seat reservation). Had a good and interesting conversation with three native speakers for much of the journey, mixing both languages.

Upon arrival at the train station there was an easily spottable goth and a metaller watching the departures board. Had a quick bit of chatter and won't be looking for clubs here; so back to concentrating on the sightseeing.

The hostel is a bus-ride from the town centre and station. A visit to the tourist info took me to the beautiful town square (photos when I get home). On the way out a small marching band were playing, and flyering about their locations for the evening.

I dropped my bags at the hostel, and ended up spending most of the rest of the evening chatting to my roommates: an impressively fit retired teacher doing the G5 walking trail (at around 30km per day), an ex-mayor on pilgrimage and a guy who had been granted political asylum.

Today I've been sightseeing.

Next town: probably Metz, Luxembourg or Strasbourg.