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Lots of doing, not much posting. When I get home I think I'll need a few days just to sort photos and add things to the blog.

I also need time to do nothing, catch up with everyone, etc; will have a lot to fit in before Whitby. Beginning to look forward to resting for a bit (being in hostels makes me feel that I need to be doing things).

Today I'm in Luxumbourg City. The hostel is full (I just missed the last bed when I phoned this morning), and I've decided to go for a cheap hotel for a couple of days. The room is odd - someone has attacked the furniture, which has been tidied but still bears the scars. It's ensuite for €65 (£45) a night.

Edit: further disturbed - the shower's grouting needs redoing, and it now smells of wet brickwork.

Running out of space for photos; but hopefully the DVD that I sent last week has arrived.