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Malaga - getting in

For those that don't know, I can't speak Spanish at all.  I have enough French and German that I'll at least try to speak the native tongue later on, but for Spain it's a simple case of being an English-speaker and staying in the tourist towns.

Malaga airport is bus or train ride away from Malaga itself.
I started off getting a freebie map from Tourist Info in the airport, which the lady helpfully circles the location of the hostel on.  On to the bus, which I'm expecting to be refused from due to it being full, but I and at least five more people get on.  The driver is annoyed at all of us who only have notes instead of coins, and the bus itself is absolutely packed.

It's a long ride, wondering if I need to be getting off yet, but no-one else is getting off either.  The bus station is a welcome sight, and I buy another map.  This turns out to be worthwhile from the very start - the two maps put the hostel is slightly different locations.

It's a different security arrangement to the UK hostels - there's only one key for the room, and the last person out takes it back to reception (which means going in to the hostel takes a trip to the room, and possibly a further trip back to reception).  There's also no lockers in the room, it all has to be on trust between the three people.