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Haven't updated for a while, and currently having more that I want to do than time to be online writing. I'll be bqck in the UK on the 14th, so will update the blog then. In brief:

Luxembourg City: 2 nights, lots to post about.

Brussels: 1 night, was on the waiting list for another but didn't get in. Saw the outside of lots of things that I want to go back and look inside. Bar in the hostel itself.

Tournai: 1 night, was very tempted to cancel my booking for tonight (Lille) and stay longer. The hostel had a couple of groups but was otherwise quiet, with a couple of retired English guys staying there for a few days and chattering over beers.

Lille: only arrived today. The hostel didn't open until 16:00, so I popped in to the Fine Arts museum for a couple of hours.

Internet: nice that it's still here, but don't have the time at the mo.