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Malaga itself

(Tuesday) Many of the locals are walking around in coats and jumpers, for me it feels like a nice mild heat.
(Wednesday) There's a brisk wind, and the effect is to make it feel cooler; still at the point that I wouldn't even want my windbreaker coat.

Tuesday afternoon is spent looking at the local alcazaba (castle).  Malaga's castle has two separate parts, one on the hill and one at the foot of it.  I take a couple of hours just to explore the lower one (pictures will follow, but may have to wait until I return to the UK).

Of my roommates for the first night, one is working at the uni and one is studying there (and looking for a flat); neither is here for the sights or the travel.  Both recommend just getting sandwiches instead of eating out (or in the hostel).  There's a group of French folks and lots of Spaniards in the hostel, haven't seen anyone else there with English as their first language yet.

Tuesday I decide to eat in the hostel and get some sleep instead of trying to eat in town.

I take a shot at asking for the room key in Spanish, which fails competely but does get the guy on the reception desk chattering and telling me what I should have said.  I won't be speaking Spanish by the time I move on to France (but that wasn't an aim).

Wednesday is quiet sightseeing, seeing the inside of the cathedral.

So far I haven´t been out at night - partly because of not speaking the language, partly because it´s not nice to go out alone in a new city.