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I'm now in Erfurt, in a cybercafe that actually is a cafe. It's a Kurdish place, with bellydance on the TV for people who aren't on the computers, and a low volume to the music so that people can talk easily.

I was considering Chemnitz, but the hostel is a long way out of town. Erfurt is close to the centre of Germany, and the train went through Leipzig to get here. Bit of an odd route to the journey so far.

Language-wise, I managed to keep using German in Erfurt up until I reached the cafe, when I forgot how to ask the price of things. In Dresden I had a roommate who will take his English-language exam in 3 weeks, and on the train I was sitting with a lady who will be going to Bournmouth for an intensive English course.

Last bit of Moritzburg to share: the transport to it.

There was a street party in Dresden last night. I bought an ice-cream and enjoyed the fun.