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Citadel Petersburg

Citadel Petersberg is above Erfurt. Most of it is freely-visitable, but the cellars can only be seen on the official tour. There was also a wine-cellar (without wine, although it sometimes has bats).

My German-language skills are failing today, even before the tour. The tour was in German, and my vocabulary is understandably not geared towards 15th century castle objects. The guide teaches German as a foreign language, and helpfully gave the odd translation for me.

Fun this morning, which was both beyond the abilities of my German and the hostel receptionist's English, with a dictionary shared between us. Last night my roommate and I found that only one of the guest-keys works the bedroom door. This morning I think it was the main staff keyring which couldn't open it. I opened it and we tried to chat, failing completely. However as it was around 11:00am I assumed that the hostel operated a lockout, and had a rushed get up and out thinking I was breaching it.

In the citadel: