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I'm in the city of Regensburg, which is a lovely place for sightseeing - a cathedral with churches on many of the streets leading to it.

The train trip here was eventful (train going out of service), but handled very well by the railway. Only 10 minutes late in the end, and they gave out free orange juice too.

When the train went out of service I was one of the last out, having missed the significance of the announcement. I overheard the guard talking in English to a couple of American graduates; assuming I was German they then asked me for more information after she left.

Tonight's roommate is Swedish, over here for a conference at the local university. There was the usual routine of trying to speak German and quickly switching to English.

As well as the sightseeing, I'm spending a while on contemplation, trying to work out what I'll do when I get back to the UK. Job-hunting is obviously on the list; however those who know me know that I (questionably) have a non-compete clause affecting me until August.