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München (Munich)

I've got a bed in one of the hostels near the main station, which is also the public transport hub.

Yesterday was spent in the highly-decorated Schloss Nymphenburg. The photos (when uploaded) will speak for themselves, it's high-quality art. The audioguide, while highly informative, sounds like the Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy; at the end of many descriptions I was expecting a Douglas Adams style witty contradiction (which doesn't happen).

The bar in the hostel was split in to two camps last night - folks concentrating on their PCs and a discussion of American football.

Today I'm having a quiet look round town, and have dropped in to a cybercafe to escape the midday sun.

Tomorrow will be the hottest day in München for years, according to today's newsstands. Sounds like a good day for visiting Ludwig II's fantasy castle in the Alps.