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München beer tour

The beer tour had nine of us on it - a group of four ladies from the central US, and then a scattering from the rest of the English-speaking world; the guide himself being a Brit who'd stopped here a decade ago. Until I turned up the guide thought that he'd be leading an all-female tour, his workmates joked that he was disappointed by my arrival.

A fun evening ensued taking in the origins (and one-time monopoly) of weiß beer, München sentiments about Heineken and Budweiser, a microbrewery's cellar and beergarden, a bit of history, and finally the Hofbräuhaus complete with oompah band.

Today I've a slight amount of sunburn. The plan for tomorrow is to set off from München, put my suitcase in a locker at Füssen station, do the fantasy castle, then come back to Ulm. Still working out the contingency plan if there's no locker space; one posibility would be to ask to use the Füssen hostel's luggage store (although it's beds are full). In both directions I have to change at Buchloe station, but only have three minutes changeover - not long enough to use those lockers.


May. 29th, 2008 07:06 am (UTC)
Re: Sunburn
The sunscreen is almost dead white. But the sunburn was my own mistake - the previous day I forgot to do my arms when I did my face.