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The day has been spent on an (all-day) excursion to the Alps surrounding Schloß Neuschwanstein. It's two and a half hours travel in each direction, but the scenary makes it all worthwhile. From the bridge above the castle, the natural river with waterfalls running under the bridge outshines the castle inself. Photos will be posted when I can.

The castle interior, however, didn't live up to my expectations. While impressive, only a small amount was completed before King Ludwic II's forced removal from budgetry control. Neither the content nor the fact that it is viewed on a guided tour can equal a leisurely stroll around Schloß Nymphenburg.

There are two tours here - the castle itself (organised by the castle staff), and the organised travel between the castle and München (organised by München Tourist Info).

I fancied more time in München, so booked another night here rather than chance that there would be an available luggage locker in Füssen (there were a few available when we arrived). Currently I'm doing laundry and waiting for the wash cycle to finish.