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A chance meeting in Ulm

I only had five hours in Ulm, taking the train from München in the morning, and on to the hostel in Freiburg in the evening. This meant that I planned my trip on the train, right down to the tram journey in the middle to get round in time. Having arrived, time wasn't as tight as feared, but the planning saved a lot.

I starting with the cathedral, arriving a bit before 11am and entering immediately, as the mass was at midday. After looking round the interior I climbed the 768 step tower, and was only two out in my counting at the end. The tower is still accessible during the service, so there was no rush up or down.

At the base of the latticework (about 500 steps up) there's roof of the main tower, and a thin (just enough for a staircase) tower continues to the top. I chatted with someone who'd decided to turn back there, but was still enjoying the views. I stopped there for a while to lie on my back and admire the latticework; and another tourist who was coming down from above made a comment about photos as he passed me (probably "I've got a picture of you in a silly position", couldn't understand).

On the way down from the very top I had to pass far too many people going up, which isn't easy on such a narrow staircase; the lower parts have separate staircases for each direction. I tried counting steps in German, which slowed me down a bit and was rather inaccurate (it was well in to the 800s by the bottom). Right by the entrance to the cathedral was a market stall selling litre bottles of apple juice, which was very welcome after the climb.

The other tourist spots in town are closer than I though from the map, so I found the Rathaus and Einstein sights in plenty of time.

Crossing back to the main square the sun was getting to me (thus the long entry today, staying in a cybercafe out of the midday sun).

My old workplace had a major office in Ulm, and that we tend to refer to the various offices by the name of the town that they're in. Ulm was on the initery because of curiosity to find out what the town that kept being mentioned in emails looked like (not the office itself though). As I stood in the town square, one of the guys from the Ulm office recognised my hair, and got confused by my appearence in the middle of southern Germany. This was an unexpected meeting, but I sat down with a couple of old workmates for an icecream and chat about places we've been. (Should I add names? Probably, but I'll leave it up to them to comment.)

BTW, what's the English (or German for that matter) word for a workmate that you normally only work with by email?



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Jun. 1st, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
St Albans
Had a great day out,went round the museum, then walked across the park beside the pond to the Abbey, stopping for a "Lite bite" at the Inn in the Park.
The park is like a bigger version of Abington Park and there were masses of waterbirds - even a heron! Most had ducklings, goslings or cynets, and the "Cute" factor was sky-high. Margaret really enjoyed it and we got some good bird photos.
In the Abbey, the Choir were rehearsing for Evensong and Peter collared a guide who said there were about 5 days in the summer when you could climb the central tower, try your hand at bellringing, and take pictures. We'll look up the dates.
Walking back across the park, we heard a really good live instrumental piece. Don't know who, but it was probably outside the pub - high class pop. Finished the day off nicely.
Margaret and Peter have gone this morning.
Jun. 4th, 2008 12:25 pm (UTC)
Re: St Albans
It sounds interesting.
Jun. 1st, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC)
Word for a workmate by email
When it was snailmail the word was "correspondent", someone you knew by mail. This has continued in use in the news media,eg our correspondent in Timbuktu. Not to be confused with co-respondent which is someone who is jointly charged with the same crime in court. It was usually used for the lover in pre-1960 divorce cases as at that time there needed to be evidence of a misdemeanor to allow the marriage to be dissolved so the "guilty" marriage partner and their lover where charged.
An e-co-worker could be confused with eco-worker
an electronic co-worker sounds like a robot.
The Aunt
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