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Haven't posted since reaching Freiburg, and already I'm on to Frankfurt.

Freiburg is on the edge of the Black Forest, so I had a mix of town and country.

I started off at the cathedral, with its tower that inspired the one in Ulm. The top is closed for restoration due to bits starting to drop off it, but it's still four or five hundred steps up for a good look at the town. My right knee was not very happy about doing this the day after Ulm's 768 step tower and demanded rest instead of an evening walk in the forest.

The second day I started with a forest walk along the north-east of town, finishing in town itself. Resting my legs I didn't take the walk up the castle / tower.

There's a cablecar to the top of the south-east hill, but work on the tramlines has disrupted access to it. I didn't want to risk missing my train, so skipped it.