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Museums in Frankfurt

(Updating the blog from my diary after returning to the UK)

Wednesday in Frankfurt was overcast, and I wanted to see the museums (indoors), meaning that I could enjoy the day without sunscreen.

The main museums and DJH hostel are on the same side of the river, along the riverside.

Several museums have coordinated to put on anime-related exhibits, leaving the weird possibility of being:
  • in Germany
  • in an English-speaking city*
  • reading dual language exhibits (German/English)
  • about Japanese culture

* Maybe it's just that I was filtering out the normality of hearing German in Germany, but when overhearing conversations in the streets of Frakfurt they seemed more likely to be in English than German.

First was the Museum of Modern Architecture, with four small floors. The second floor has a chronological set of scale models from the dawn of man. Following the this-isn't-exactly-German theme, Ironbridge and London terraces are included. Floor four had a temporary exhibit with interesting sci-fi designs, and the closest real buildings.

On to the cathedral, where sightseers weren't the main disturbance - a cherry-picker platform was being moved in to place, with painstaking attention to putting boards down to prevent the wheels damaging the floor.

The Communication Museum's basement is an archive of beautiful old technology. Upstairs had a temporary exhibition of famous diaries; although appreciating it requires a better grasp of the language than I have. There's also a kids' area for learning PC use, where TuxType was showing cute penguins.

After getting some food, time had moved on to 18:00. I dropped in to the film museum (open for another hour); intending to see the temporary exhibit (anime) and leaving the permanent exhibit to the following day.

Back at the hostel, I realised that the flight was 11:45 rather than mid-afternoon, so abandoned the plan to return to the film museum.