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12 skills for 2009

Elizabeth (venta), an old friend from Oxford, has a new (to me) twist on new year's resolutions. Choose twelve skills to learn over the year. (Her explanation and list)

I'm late to join, so here are an initial set which will expand to 12 by the end-of-Jan update. Some are already in progress, and (it's nearly the end of Jan) the first on is one of those that started last year.

Skill Objective Notes
Another VCS up to an on-the-CV level A computer skill, learn another version control system. Mostly for FOSS, partly for the next paid job. At the start of the year I had two of the lesser-known current-generation VCSs (Continuus, Darcs) at CV level, and a mix of experience with many of the others. Of the FOSS projects that I'm interested in most use Git, while Apt uses Bzr. Git's now at that level.
Drawing I have some old sketching skill, but nothing to show off about. Do this early, while I don't have to check copyright with an employer before donating to FOSS projects.
Driving I've rarely had a need, and most of the places I've lived have been car-unfriendly, but I currently have the flexible hours of unemployment to learn; and I'm in a car-friendly town. Do it now, while I have flexible time
Conversational German I've enough of the language to explore the country, but not for general social conversation. Ideally in time for WGT / M'Era Luna I lack Germans to practise this with.
Pick up the flute again I used to be able to play it, but haven't tried for years Found the old instrument while tidying up. I still have muscle-memory for the fingering patterns, but I can't play well enough to want to listen to myself.
Sewing I can do basic repairs, but am missing some simple ones such as taking a trouser-leg up. Do it while still at home, where there already is a sewing machine. If I buy my own, some experience first will help.
Poi One of the more silly ones - dancing with balls on strings.
Pool / Snooker I know how to play, and it's a nice social game in a pub, but I'd like to be better at potting.
Cooking I know the basics, but could do with improving.