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Picasso and the Castle Of Gibralfaro

This lunchtime, I went round the museum of Picasso.  While his paintings aren´t my thing, his sculptures are very beautiful.  There will be no pictures, the security guards request that all cameras are left in the free cloakroom.

A fairly innoculous door (to the point that both I and the other person who went through it both stopped first, obviously wondering if we were allowed in there) in the Picasso museum leads to a different and very tranquil scene - an archelogical exhibit in the basement.  It´s noticably cooler than even the art galleries, and a single member of staff was down there with a clicker to count the number of visitors (I didn´t ask).

In the late afternoon I ascended to the castle, which is on top of the hill (the alcazaba is at the foot of the hill).  Before reaching the castle there´s the weird liberation of climbing above the Costa Del Sol skyscrapers.  The structure itself is formidable (as castles are), and the views of the surroundings are glorious.

I´m looking forward to Granada´s Alhambra, as it´s fame suggests that it will be even better than the beauty of the Malaga alcazaba.

I´d been using my sunglasses all day, and had left my normal glasses case back at the hostel.  I hadn´t realised that I´d left my actual glasses at the internet cafe last night, so I´m glad that I came to use it again tonight.  The cafe owner greeted me and handed them back.  Needless to say I´ll be giving a large tip.

I´m currently running at about 100 photos a day since coming to Spain.  Soon I´ll be seeking a service (which seems moderately common around here) of transferring them all to DVD.