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Bad news from old $workplace

My morning read of news sites showed that my old $workplace has announced a voluntary redundancy scheme.

Anyone fancying hostelling round bits of Europe - I recommend it if you can, but suggest budgeting about a month between work and going abroad (planning and doing tourist stuff in the UK), as well as expecting take a while relaxing after coming back.

The economy looks as if will still be down for some years yet; no nice "take a break and come back when it's better". (For those who are wondering, I was expecting I'd return to an economy similar the one I left; and that it would be safe to take a few months at home just sorting out all the "little TODOs" before looking for another job.)


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Mar. 4th, 2009 10:13 am (UTC)
It's a different place now
We have had two re-orgs since you left, mind you the latest one feels like we are going back a few years. Still the actual day-to-day work is much the same.
The redundancy package is not all bad though, they added scope for people to take more unpaid leave and sabbaticals as a way of reducing costs too. Good news if you wanted to take a month off to do something like trekking around europe.
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