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Granada´s Alhambra

Some confusion on Thursday night / Friday breakfast chatting to a lady whose languages were (native French, some English, no Spanish). She'd heard me chatting to the hostel reception, so started chatting to one of the few others in the hostel who didn´t speak Spanish, in a mix of English and French. She was looking for property to move in to, and, having said that I was looking at old buildings, assumed I was too. Due to lack of words I had to take a dictionary to breakfast to explain.

She'd just come from Granada by coach, and I made the reverse journey on Friday. It´s motorway through scenic mountains, very pretty.

Having checked in at the hostel, I wandered in to town and (on a whim) bought a ticket for the tourist bus. Getting to the Alhambra (Wikipedia) about 16:00, the bus stopped for a while and I went to reserve a ticket for the following day. On a Friday afternoon outside peak tourist season, I ended up getting a ticket with no queue at all, and going straight in to see the Palacios Nazaries.

Next was the alcazaba (a fortress within the Alhambra). This one is a fort that emphasises walls and towers to keep people out, rather than the Malaga alcazaba's water features and deadly beauty (the Malaga one is full of balconies over the water features where archers may discreetly greet visitors).

Around 18:00, the buildings of the Alhambra closed, although the gardens were still open for another two hours. I spent an hour in the gardens, which the time approached sunset (this is beautiful).

All of this unplanned visit left me with a few practical difficulties, such as not having charged the camera's batteries, not put in a memory card with much space. Importantly, I hadn't checked when the buses stopped running; but after a worried while enjoying the sunset a local bus brought me back to the town center.