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Plans for 2011

Reviving this journal for 2011 travel.

Having finished a long work project (contract), I'm taking a big block of postponed holiday.

My cousin announced his wedding, which obviously I'll be attending. So plans outlined themselves (and with relaxed timing): take the time between end-of-contract and wedding as holiday.

  • Finish work in early July
  • Two months visiting friends that I haven't seen in a while, doing touristy things round the UK, and catching up with everything that I'd put off doing for "when I have time".
  • M'era Luna
  • A month doing touristy things abroad.
  • My cousin's wedding
  • ... and then the Monday after the wedding go hunt for another job.

Plans of course change a bit - in this case sliding back two months. I ended up working another two months (interesting follow-on project). The wedding was excellent, and I haven't done half the UK touristy plans yet.