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At 4am tomorrow morning, I'll be on my way to Macedonia for a week. Never been there before, and going to do the usual tourist sightseeing. Having budgeted time and money for travel, my original plans changed. So I looked through my travel books, and saw a country with castles, landscapes and interesting architecture. It's outside the EU, but likely to join.

Below is my outline. It'll change, only the flights and first two nights are booked so far.

Thursday (sunny) - stay night in Skopje
Arrive 14:20 at airport
Check bus times to Ohrid

Friday (sunny) - stay night in Skopje
Sightseeing in Skopje

Saturday (rain) - stay night in Ohrid
Sightseeing in Skopje
Bus to Ohrid - 3 hours
Sightseeing in Ohrid

Sunday (light rain) - stay night in Ohrid
Sunday, so don't visit churches
Car Samoil's Castle
Decide whether to stay in Ohrid or Bitola on Tuesday night

Monday - night in Ohrid / Bitola
Many museums in Ohrid are closed
Churches and lakes in and around Ohrid

Monday / Tuesday - night in Bitola
Bus to Bitola

Tuesday is a national holiday, not sure if it's happy or a day of mourning

Tuesday / Wednesday - night in Bitola
Architecture tour (3 hours, book at tourist info)

Wednesday / Thursday
Train to Prilep?

Thursday / Friday
Train back to Skopje

Morning sightseeing in Skopje
Flight at 14:55