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Before leaving Granada on the 10th, I had a few spare hours and went back to see the Alhambra again. Kept running in to the same person again and again, and we got chatting for a while about travel plans. In contrast to this blog, she's posting photos with no text at http://hannatirafoto.spaces.live.com/.

The "pot luck" hostel is working out well so far, still unsure if I´ll be able to get a bed fot the third night.

Yesterday I visited the Sagrada Família (Wikipedia), which is both impressive and a building site. I don't normally have problems with heights, but was hesitant about looking over some of the balconies in the towers. The towers are visited by going up a lift, but you have to walk down. An unfortunate guy was coming down the stairs with his hands in the position of blinkers, with his mates alternating between giving support and asking why he'd gone up in the first place.

The evening was spent chattering in the hostel bar (which is much more lively than the dinners at the previous hostels).

After a late start this morning, I went to get a 2-day ticket for the tourist buses (of which there are two, and each is a two-hour tour). Tomorrow they won't be running due to a strike, so I did the complete tour today. There's a lot that I'll be doing tomorrow.

Tonight the hostel is organising a sightseeing / meal / flamenco show trip.



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Mar. 13th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
16th Palm Sunday

16 Mar 2008 (annual) Where:Barcelona Cost: Free
Palm Sunday (Fiesta de Ramos/Fira de Rams) is one of the most important events in Spain's Christian calendar. In Barcelona, a solemn procession wends its way from La Seu (the cathedral) in the old town to one of the parishes.
Depending on the particular parishes that participate, it may be possible to see some of the palm craft creations made by local families. Visitors will be bowled over by the sculptures on show, some of which are up to 12 feet high and sport the most majestic braids, tassles and intricate designs.
While the procession doesn't take in all the parishes, each church does hold its own celebratory mass.

Also did you know that most shops will shut on Good Friday and Easter Sunday?
Sounds like a fairly good time except for the train
Love Fred & Heather
Mar. 14th, 2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
Re: 16th Palm Sunday
It's tempting, but I think it's time to move on. Besides, I'll get to see what Carcassonne looks like on Palm Sunday.
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