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Yesterday was to be a train ride over the Pyranees.

I thought I had time to eat before setting off, so after getting to the station with half an hour to spare went to buy a sandwich outside. That led to a nasty rush when I discovered that some of the subway entrances led to a different station.

An impressive ride as the train nearer the French border was interrupted by the train going out of service. The replacement train left a mere 6 minutes late, getting me to La Tour De Carol with plenty of time.

The rail replacement bus from La Tour De Carol meant that I could take pictures of the train viaducts. Although I still craved the open-top train, it was a warm and comfy coach with beautiful views.

My camera appears to be dying - a faint black spot has appeared in all images starting during my train journey. After deciding that it was worth risking percussive maintenance, a darker spot joined it. It has only lasted around 6 months, but that includes 1500 images this month.

The first DVD of photos has arrived at home, so the memory cards are now safe to reuse (up to now I have been selectively deleting images).