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Monday - France is closed

Yesterday was fun exploring The City (the bit inside the walls), having a poke around the keep and the tourist tat shops*, and then some night-photography around the walls. This will be better described when I get home and start posting photos.

Today I've been in the town next to the castle, and along the river. It being Monday, most of the shopkeepers in Carcassonne are still enjoying the weekend. Good for them, but a surprise for me.

I need to work out where to go tomorrow. It's tempting to slip back to the glorious heat of Barcelona, but I'm planning for the next stop to be in France. It could be Toulouse (lively city) for a couple of days, followed by another attempt to ride the open-top train from La Tour De Carol and ending in Montpellier for a couple of days.

While my French isn't up to conversation, it's so much nicer to be able to catch bits of conversation than being in Spain.

My camera - about four fifths of the height of the image is OK, so for landscapes I'm working on the basis that I'll crop the photos later. I probably will end up getting a new one shortly, but am still taking photos with it (haven't worked out alternatives yet, the camera shops are closed).

First culture shock of France: the hostel toilets have the seats built in to the porcelain instead of lifting off. Yet there's no piss on either the seat or the floor , an idea which I'd like to see move back to certain establishments in the UK.

* Amongst other stuff, one of the tat shops has brought a lifesize World Of Blizzard elf in to the castle. The walls don't keep anything out these days.