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Nightlife in Montpellier

When French TGVs / Teozs are full, they stop selling tickets (even with Interrail I have to have a €1.50 ticket for those). This added a 2 hour wait in Toulouse (nice city). Not sure what happened in Narbonne, but there was a 3 hour delay there too.

I arrived in Montpellier at 22:00, by which time my new roommate was already in bed. Quickly putting sheets on the bed and dropping my stuff, I went out to look at town. The hostel itself is in a backstreet which has lots of people walking around, so feels safe. A couple of minutes walk takes me past shops for food, internet, camera stuff*1, tat, boots, manga*2 and probably anything else that I could want.

Following that, I found a cubbyhole called the Up Down Bar. Crossing the bridge/gangway in the cellar*3 there's a vaulted area with space for maybe 30 people, including the band. Tonight is a emo band, but they're having fun making noise and the boundary between audience and band is somewhere in the middle of the moshpit.

Heating in the room in the hostel isn't working, hopefully that will be fixed tonight. In this area it's an annoyance, but bearable for the location.

This morning has been a fun walk round the town, and up to the end of the old aquaduct.

Breakfast was spent chatting to a couple of Brazilians who have come to Barcelona to study.

*1 A good camera shop, seems to be catering even for folks who have their own darkroom. Unlike the tourist-photo shops, it will also transfer entire memory cards to DVD instead of suggesting the use of multiple CDs for a 2GB card. The next set of photos will be posted later today.

*2 Also plushie Mokonas and several sizes of plushie Totoro. I should probably avoid looking in the window again.

*3 There's a rhino in the Rising Sun in Reading, and a bridge in this pub's cellar. Attempting to reconcile those with common sense won't make them go away.