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Last night was fun in the Up And Down again; a French band singing something in English* with French interludes. That was followed by an Amsterdam band who didn't have have a gig that night talking in English (the common language). I also ran in to an English expat upstairs, so all in all not a lot of French language usage. Afterwards got back to the hostel to find that the locks don't have physical overrides, but the manager has a set of "emergency" keycards that work.

Having learnt the lesson of Friday, I went to book my train the day before travelling to Lyon. The choice is already limited to the reservations at unsociable times of day (8:30, 21:30) or a pair of afternoon trains without reservation. Not wishing to be squeezed in like a sardine, I'll be up early tomorrow, and in Lyon by 10:30 (am). The Lyon hostel doesn't take reservations by phone, but have plenty of beds free.

The Montpellier hostel is still keeping the receptionist busy, currently the keycards are good for opening the door once before they fail again. The staff are being as good as they can, but it's not a good situation for them to work with.

Today the weather is overcast with occasional light rain. Having caught up on a bit of sleep I went sightseeing, hopping on a tram and seeing where it went (really cheap at €3.20 for unlimited travel).

* Can you make out the lyrics of an English band singing in English with an amp in a winecellar? Exactly.