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Double Six in Lyon, hostel in Besancon

The lack of updates is due to the amount of stuff that was available for doing in Lyon.

Last night, I had the option of either finding a club that kept being listed in the "rock" section of the local events paper, or a pub crawl with a group from the hostel.

I struck out on my own to the Double Six, and saw a couple of bands. The first were a curious generation-gap band, accentuated by the youngsters being clean shaven, while the oldsters sported full beards; one of them rounded it off with attire from the sixties. The Dancing Naked Ladies came next, those familiar with the Barenaked Ladies will be unsurprised that this is an all-male ensemble. Good fun, but not the vibe that I hoped for.

I met the pub crawlers that made it to breakfast, sounds like they had a lot of fun.

I wasn't able to get another night in Lyon, so had to move on after a morning sightseeing. Next is Besancon, where so far I've checked in, shopped, and decided to go for three nights here. Sleep rather than exploration beckons tonight. This hostel is a surprise - it's a single room for each bed (a refreshing change) in a block of flats; the hostel takes about 1/3 of the block; cut vertically. It's ensuite for €18 a night.

It's also a distinctly French hostel - haven't heard any other languages being spoken yet. I normally discuss the particulars of checkin in English (I'd rather trust the receptionist's English language skills than my French ones), but here that's not an option.