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Flight to Spain

St Paul´s makes an interesting alarm clock - I assumed that it would be quiet overnight, but it chimed at 22:00 and 03:00.  This meant that I could get up before my alarm clocks, and head off without waking the roommates.

I arrived at Gatwick around 05:00, and was in the departure lounge at 05:14, giving me a lot of time that I´d expected to spend checking in.  About an hour later, just as my flight´s gate was displayed, I was spotted by A, who I vaguely recognise from club nights at the Face Bar in Reading.  She was also headed for Malaga, but to see family (details are for her to put online, not me).  At Spain, I left the plane before A, and she didn´t catch up by the time my bag turned up on the baggage reclaim, and I´m not one to lurk for a lady to turn up (I´d have liked to see her, but waiting would seem creepy).

I stopped in the loos at Malaga to put on sunblock, resulting in lots of guys stopping at the door and checking which loo they were entering (the long hair causes it, but in my normal social haunts long hair is normal on guys).